Tips to Control your Education Cost in Germany

Tips to Control your Education Cost in Germany: If done right, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get your degree abroad in Germany. BUT there are still ways to make it even cheaper! Be sure to look into the following items to minimize the education cost in Germany and make your experience even more manageable:

Apply for Scholarships

Free money!! You’re just silly not to apply for as many scholarships as you can get your hands on. Even if each is only for $500, that money adds up quickly. (Think about how much bier you can get for that…) Start with our scholarship directory to find study abroad scholarships, and then get more specific with German-related scholarships. One of the top scholarship directories for studying abroad in Germany is the German Academic Exchange Service (or DAAD in German), so be sure to check this out!

Try Your Luck at Fundraising: When in doubt, crowdsource! There are a lot of ways to put a dent in the education cost in Germany through fundraising, including a platform like FundMyTravel! If your friends and family are looking for birthday or holiday gift ideas, direct them to your campaign and get that cold, hard cash. Be sure to also check out our article on little-known study abroad fundraising ideas to really get those creative juices flowing.

Get a Job!

Let’s face it, the best way to offset the cost of studying in Germany is to work. Fundraising and everything is good, but ultimately it’s your education and you should fund the bulk of it. Since you know you’ll be headed abroad ahead of time, you have the time to get a job (or pick up a second job) to make some extra dough before departure and minimize the cost of college in Germany for international students.

Just because you’re studying abroad doesn’t mean you can’t work abroad, too! You will most likely need a separate work visa for any job with a real paycheck, but there are plenty of options to make some under the table moolah, too. German parents love the idea of native English-speakers working with their kids to improve their language skills, so it’s very common for English-speakers to nanny or teach English on the side. Beyond that, you can also bartend, help your new neighbors with their landscaping, teach music lessons, or anything else you’re good at! It doesn’t have to be anything intense or a huge time commitment, but every little bit of cash helps!

Work During Your Time Off / Summer Breaks: Since you’ll be getting a degree abroad, you will have time off during your academic calendar when you can make some money. Especially if you’re planning on returning home in between school years, there’s no excuse not to hop to it and make that dough. It’ll be a bit tricker to get a job if you’re planning on staying in Germany for summers as you’ll most likely need a work visa, but it’s certainly not impossible and worth it to try. Don’t underestimate exchange rates and local costs of living…your paycheck could be significantly higher working in Germany rather than at home!


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