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US Nonimmigrant Visa: DS-160

US Nonimmigrant Visa: DS-160: The electronic application for a US nonimmigrant visa is Form DS-160. To obtain a nonimmigrant visa for the United States, applicants must fill out a completely online form. Questions concerning your personal information, contact information, passport and travel history, prior journeys to the United States (if any), family history, academic background, and employment experience are all included in the form.

Furthermore, the DS 160 form for applying for a US visa requests that you provide a photo of your face and answer security-related questions about your past.

Where to Fill Form DS 160?

You can access the form DS-160 at the Consular Electronic Application Center website.

DS-160 Form Filling Instructions

In order to apply for a U.S. visa, one must complete the DS-160 form. The following are detailed instructions for filling out the DS-160 form:

Go to the CEAC website: Visit the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website at

Establish a Login or Account: You might need to create an account if you don’t already have one. If not, log in with your current login information.

Launch a New Program: Choose the option to generate a new form (DS-160) to start a new application.

Decide on the Location: Select the American embassy or consulate where your visa application will be submitted.

Fill out Form DS-160: There are various parts on the form, and each one relates to a different aspect of your travel itinerary and background. Provide full and accurate answers to all of the questions. Make sure the data corresponds with what is on your passport.

Put a Passport Photo Online: Submit a current passport-sized photo that satisfies the specifications for U.S. visa photos. The picture must have color and fit within the given parameters.

Preserve Your Submission: Often save your application to avoid losing data. Using your Application ID and security questions, you can go back and complete an incomplete application.

Examine and Modify: Check each section carefully for accuracy before submitting. You can alter as necessary. Certain information cannot be altered once it has been entered.

Send in the Form: Once you’ve verified that the information you provided is accurate, submit the DS-160 form. A confirmation page with a special barcode will be sent to you.

Print the page that confirms: Either write down the Application ID or print the confirmation page. This is what you’ll need for your visa interview.

Arrange a Consultation for a Visa: Make an appointment for a visa interview at the American embassy or consulate where you intend to apply using the details on the confirmation page.

Cover the Application Fee for a Visa: A non-refundable visa application fee must be paid before your visa interview may be scheduled. Payment amounts and procedures differ depending on the region and kind of visa.

Recall to be honest in all of your responses and to supply accurate, comprehensive facts. The DS-160 form is an essential part of the application procedure for a visa; any mistakes or inconsistencies could cause delays or the refusal of the visa.

Procedures and requirements may differ, so always consult the detailed instructions provided by the U.S. embassy or consulate where you intend to apply.

Documents You Need to Complete DS 160 Electronic Form

To guarantee proper and comprehensive submission, you will require a number of papers and information while filling out the DS-160 electronic form for a U.S. visa application. This is a list of files and information that you might require:

Passport: You must have a current passport. Make sure your passport is good for at least six months after the time you plan to spend in the United States.

Travel itinerary: Information regarding your anticipated route of travel, including arrival and departure airports and any stops you expect to make in the United States. Address in the United States:

Please include the address where you plan to stay in the United States, if you know it.

Details of Contact: Your phone numbers and email addresses, along with any contact details.

Prior U.S. Travel Information: Information about any prior visits to the United States, including dates and locations.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume: For some visa categories, such employment-based visas, a résumé or CV could be necessary.

Digital Image: a digital passport-sized photo that satisfies the specifications for the photo on a US visa. This is the picture you will upload while completing the application.

History of Travel: Details regarding your past five years of overseas travel, including dates and countries visited.

SEVIS ID (for those applying for F, M, and J visas): The SEVIS ID from your Form I-20 (for F and M visas) or DS-2019 (for J visas) is required if you are applying for an F, M, or J visa.

Notice of Petition Approval (if applicable): Have a copy of the petition approval notification (Form I-797) if you are applying for a visa based on an authorized petition (such as an H-1B or L-1).

Information on Social Media: The DS-160 form may request social media handles in some versions. Be ready to share details regarding your social media presence.

Employment and Academic Background: Information on your work history, both past and present, and your educational background.

Family Details: Details on the members of your immediate family, such as their names, birth dates, and immigration status (if any).

It’s crucial to remember that depending on your visa category, different documents and information may be needed. When applying, always consult the official guidelines supplied by the American embassy or consulate in your intended location.

DS 160 Form Validity

There is no set duration for the DS-160 form’s validity. In general, the DS-160 form is regarded as genuine for a particular visa application procedure once you submit it and obtain the confirmation page. The following are important details about the DS-160 form’s validity:

Single Use: Generally speaking, the DS-160 confirmation sheet is good for just one visa application and interview. You will probably need to fill out a new DS-160 form if you need to reapply or set up a new interview.

Particular to the Visa Category: The DS-160 form is unique to the kind of visa you’re requesting (e.g., tourist, work, student). You might need to submit a fresh DS-160 form if your trip itinerary drastically changes or if you are granted a different type of visa.

Updates and Corrections: You can use your application ID to log back into the system and make any necessary adjustments to your information if it changes after you complete the DS-160 form but before your visa interview. But, some fields, like name and birthdate, might not be editable; in those situations, you might have to start over with a fresh DS-160 form.

Limited Time to Finish Application: The DS-160 form features a session timeout feature, which means that you might need to start a new form if you leave it unattended for a long time. As such, it’s best to start the application process after gathering all required data and paperwork.

Expiration Before Interview: The confirmation page should be utilized to set up a visa interview as soon as possible, even though the DS-160 form itself has no set expiration date. If you have any questions about any specific guidelines regarding the permissible timeframe between form submission and the interview, contact the U.S. embassy or consulate where you want to apply.

For the most accurate and current information about the DS-160 form and its application process, always consult the specific instructions provided by the U.S. embassy or consulate where you want to apply.

DS 160 Form Visa Fee

The DS 160 form fee is not payable. You will have to pay the application cost, nevertheless, in order to obtain the US visa. The majority of US nonimmigrant visas cost $160, however there are some that cost more.

What is DS 160 confirmation number?

The DS-160 confirmation number is a special identifying number linked to the online nonimmigrant visa application that you have filled out, DS-160 form. This confirmation number is produced following your successful online submission of the DS-160 form.

Can DS 160 form be edited after submission?

It is true that after submitting the DS-160 form, some information can be changed. There are certain restrictions on your ability to amend or make changes to your DS-160 application issued by the U.S. Department of State. What you should know is as follows:

Modifiable Data: You can use your Application ID to log back into the system and respond to the security questions after submitting the DS-160 form. You can edit some of the form’s sections after logging in. Not all information, though, can be changed.

Restricted Edits: Generally speaking, you are able to update data in fields like contact information, trip itinerary, and others. Changes to vital information, such as name and birthdate, are restricted, nevertheless. A new DS-160 form might need to be made in certain situations if this information needs to be changed.

Timeout for Sessions: The DS-160 form includes a session timeout, so if you leave it alone for a long time, it might end. You might have to start a new form in these situations. It’s best to start the application process after gathering all required data and paperwork.

Print the page with the confirmation. It’s crucial to print or save the revised confirmation page after making changes. The most recent data and the updated barcode are found on the confirmation page.

Special Confirmation Number: Even if you make adjustments, the DS-160 confirmation number stays the same. To arrange a visa interview, you will need the confirmation number that is linked to your particular application.

Taking into Account Name Changes: If you must amend your name on the DS-160 form, you must adhere to certain rules. Name changes brought about by marriage or other events typically call for further paperwork, and in certain situations, a fresh DS-160 form can be required.

For precise instructions on making changes to the DS-160 form, always make sure to contact the American embassy or consulate in the location where you want to apply. Processes can differ, thus it’s important to adhere to the instructions given by the particular consulate office.

How to retrieve DS 160 form after submission?

The procedures listed below can be used to recover your submitted DS-160 form for further modifications or to print a copy of the confirmation page:

Visit the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) Website: Go to the official website of the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC):

Click on “Retrieve an Application”: Locate the link on the CEAC website that enables you to obtain a previously filed DS-160 application. Usually, this is marked “Retrieve an Application.”

Put in the Confirmation Number for DS-160: After you first submitted the DS-160 form, you were given a confirmation number. Enter this number. A special number linked to your application is the confirmation number.

Full Security Question Set: Respond to the application-related security questions. This is an extra degree of confirmation to guarantee the privacy of your data.

Get to Your DS-160 Form Here: You should have access to your DS-160 form after successfully inputting the confirmation number and responding to the security questions. You can print a copy of the confirmation page or make some modifications using the system.

Edit the document or print the confirmation page: Upon gaining access to your DS-160 form, you have the ability to modify specific portions as permitted by the system. Once the required adjustments have been made, you can save or print the confirmation page for your records.

Log Off: To protect the security of your information, make sure you log off of the CEAC website after finishing your chores.

Recall that not all fields on the DS-160 form are editable, and that in certain cases, modifying the form may necessitate starting from scratch. In addition, you might have to restart the procedure if your session ends.

For current and precise instructions for retrieving and modifying DS-160 forms, always consult the specific instructions issued by the U.S. embassy or consulate where you intend to apply.

Should I print the whole application?

No, it is not necessary for you to print the entire application. To submit your application file and appear for the visa interview, you only need to print the DS 160 Form confirmation page.


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